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Children’s Guide

The Athelstan Pilgrim Way includes a children’s guide for each of the 6 walking routes. These A5 booklets are designed to be read and used by primary-school-aged readers and their parents/carers. The books tell the story of Stan’s encounters as he walks to each church. There, Stan encounters a number of furry friends who are excited to tell him about their unusual homes and some of the interesting things inside them.

Church buildings can often be bewildering places, for adults as well as children. These guides invite families to explore and discover their history and purpose in a friendly and accessible way.

Children’s Guide: Gauzebrook Group COMING SOON

If you would like to share what you discover, or if you can’t find one of Stan’s friends in church, we’d love to hear from you!

Meet Stan

Stan is named after King Athelstan who was the first king of England and is buried in Malmesbury Abbey.

Stan is a dog who likes walking. 

Stan is a dog who also loves learning. Stan really wanted to go to school, but dogs aren’t allowed to go to school. 

One day, Stan had an idea. He had heard that a long time ago many churches were used as schools. Stan thought that if he visited the churches near where he lived, he would be able to learn all sorts of new things and get to do some lovely walks too.  

So, he put on his best collar (his dog collar), attached his lead, and took his owner on a pilgrimage …

Can you help find Stan’s friends?

Each church has its own dog. They’re very friendly and enjoy cuddles (but please put them back where you found them!)

About the Church stamps

In 2023 local primary schools in the North Wiltshire Deanery area were asked to create simple designs for the Pilgrim Passport stamps.

Watch this space to see some of the selected designs that have been used on the Athelstan Pilgrim Way…

Easton Grey weir

In their heart, a person plans the way,
But the Lord determines their steps.

Proverbs 16:9